What is G8CRASH Music?

G8Crash Music is an independent recording, production and management company founded by Mark Brabbs and music & film producer Dave Armstrong. G8Crash has established it’s current physical location, principal recording studio and headquarters in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

G8Crash was formed primarily to work on creating an initial body of work by local artists, including Mae Challis, and are responsible for developing Mae’s talent as a singer, song writer, musician and performer. At the moment G8Crash Music are acting as a single purpose vehicle for the promotion of Mae, overseeing her musical career, looking after her IP, managing any sales revenues and recently taking on the responsibility of raising and handling investment to further Mae’s career to stellar levels!

In conjunction with Mae’s development, G8Crash Music have been involved with the development and recording releases of a number of Island based music projects and are always looking to expand their portfolio of local talent, whether they be individual artists or groups.

Mae Challis G8Crash Music


Mae Challis G8Crash Music
Mae Challis Crazy Single
The Vows